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If you run a business whereby you need large amounts of fuel and other types of petrochemical liquids, it is imperative that you have self bunded tanks as the best storage solution. Just to make sure you understand what these are, it is important to get some clarifications on what a bund truly means. In simple terms, a bunded tank is a tank that is inside another tank. It therefore features double steel walls which allow for safe and effective storage of fuels and other types of liquids.

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The use of self bunded tanks has been growing in popularity across the globe over the past couple of years. This state of affairs has been occasioned by a number of factors. One thing you need to appreciate is that these tanks are generally easy to relocate and moreover, they can be used in rather remote locations. Such tanks can also be manufactured to match up to specific consumer or industry requirements and they come complete with fuel management and dispensing systems.

There are many advantages which will accrue to you when you are using these types of tanks in your business. Here are some of these advantages


You can make use of a self bunded tank to store fuel and a range of other liquids. Moreover, these same tanks are suitable for chemical, petroleum and petrochemical applications. You can also use such a tank to store waste oil, oil and biodiesel. The same tanks can be easily relocated and re-installed in your business premises. The installation is pretty much direct and simple even though you might require some specialized equipment depending on your tastes and preferences.


It is also important to appreciate the fact that a self bunded tank is generally built to be tough. As aforementioned, it is built with double walls so as to prevent liquid spillage and leaks. Since there are two walls, if liquid happens to leak from the first wall, the second wall would prevent it from spilling through. However, leakage through the first wall is more of next to impossible since it is the strongest of both walls- what is called the bund wall.


It is important to appreciate that such a tank can also be used for the storage of a large amount of liquids. Their capacities range from 1000 and 150000 liters. This means that the moment you have installed this tank in your business premises, you will no longer have your employees leaving the site to fuel their cars somewhere else. This then cuts the time and other resources that they would have used travelling to far flank fuel stations.

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Last but not least, it is important to appreciate the fact that there are a large number of types of bunded tanks in the market today. There are however two that have gained considerable popularity among millions of business owners across the globe. These are self bunded container wrap tanks and self bunded wrap tanks. Both of these tanks are innovatively designed and thus someone making a choice between them ought to understand what they truly need.